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In a time when everyone is hyper-connected, fast paced and super charged with achieving their goals, they sometimes forget to stop and smell the flowers – to be mindful of their surroundings, to relax and to take things slow (for a change).

Nest Nano Suites gives you a sense of home in the big city where you can rest and relax in a welcoming lush interior, matched with compact yet well-appointed suites.

Be good to your body with the hydration bar and active stair case, nurture your mind at our roof deck venue for talks and seminars, and enrich your soul through our Giving Nooks and library of feel good books.

Nest Nano Suites stands for rest and relaxation, health and wellness, and doing good for the self and community, all with comforts of a modern boutique hotel like crisp sheets, fast and free WIFI and venues to relax and appreciate the city views

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